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Hand knitted baby shawls by Marina
Exquisite Shetland lace wedding ring shawls



Hand Knitted Baby Shawls by Marina
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The beautiful Shetland shawls that  pull through a wedding ring.
 My beautiful hand knitted baby shawls are highly sought after as collector items, used as very special gifts for new babies, as christening shawls and even bridal shawls. These shawls are a delight to own they are beautiful, light, soft, gentle and warm in use. They become precious family heirlooms, passed from one generation onwards. 
Knitted in 100% pure cashmere lace weight yarn this is the most luxurious yarn that I use, so very soft to the touch just perfect for receiving baby and for Baptism and Christening also fine merino wool

The ultimate gift for a new baby. 

 They are so light, pull through a weddiing ring and drape beautifully; just divine

You can text me 07745 968790

The ever popular feather and fan shawl in fine merino wool (2ply) £95.00+pp

Shawl in fine lace cashmere white (like 1 ply) £125.00 + pp

The beautiful Gibbie shawl in fine lace weight cashmere £150.00 plus pp

The beautiful Rosemarie shawl, with delightful intricate patterns of Shetland folklore.  Knitted in fine lace weight cashmere to enhance the beauty of the design. To purchase this shawl click the link buy it now 

Rosemarie shawl in fine lace weight cashmere £175.00 + pp

The stunning Gibbie shawl.  This one available in deep pink 2ply wool £99.00

I have added the deep border to this ever popular circular shawl

Feather and fan circular shawl in fine cashmere wide border

£150.00 + pp 

Feather and fan traditional shawl narrow border in merino wool 2 ply
Special offer price £89.00 + pp

Delightful in pink/baby blue 100% merino wool £95.00 + pp

Lovely satin Christening/Baptism bib in white £3.99 + pp